Our U-Haul Rental Service

Welcome to Jones River U-Haul Truck Rental Service, your first choice for rental trucks, trailers, and cargo  vans ...where you take advantage of our In-Town moves from $19.95 plus milage or our one-way moves, we have the right rental equipment for you.


U-Haul Moving Truck Rentals

  • Easy Loading and Unloading Moving Trucks
  • Better Visibility with U-Hauls Patented mirrors and large cabs
  • Seat Belts for 3 people
  • Space above the Cab is great for fragile items and electronics
  • Lower Cost with regular unleaded fuel
  • Choose the Right Size for small, medium and large moves
  • Your Equipment Reservation is Guaranteed!

The 10 to 17 ft moving trucks are perfect for studio and apartment moves as  well as 1-2 bedroom moves. Our moving trucks have ideal loading decks  which makes them easy to load.

Our moving truck rentals are perfect for:

  • Studio and apartment moves
  • College dorm moves
  • Equipment deliveries and shipping

Bigger families moving both in-town and one-way generally choose 26ft moving truck rentals as they are perfect for 5-7 room moves. You can rent the moving truck with your valid drivers license, no CDL required.*

 Rental trailers and towing

U-Haul trailers and car carriers are aerodynamic, lightweight and profiled for better gas mileage. Our wide track, stabilized suspension and low center of gravity make for easier hauling.

Cargo Van 10 Foot Van 17 Foot Truck 20 Foot Truck 26 Foot Truck

We offer U-Haul rental trucks for a wide variety of projects. From pickups and cargo vans for small jobs and 10' trucks for studio apartments to 15' and 17' trucks for apartments up to 2 bedrooms, to 20' and 26' trucks fro 2,3 and 4 or more bedrooms.