Moving Storage Solutions

According to LendingTree, “Traditionally, spring is the hottest season for real estate. Sales peak in April and May and stay strong in June and July…In fact, a full 60 percent of America’s moves take place in the summer.”

If you are selling your home or between residences, you probably have a lot to juggle. One of the biggest considerations facing those moving is what to do with all of your belongings. From furniture to clothing, personal belongings can become a hindrance during the selling or moving process.

Moving Scenarios Requiring Storage

Self storage can provide home sellers and buyers with options to help simplify the moving process. Here are three common moving situations where self storage can be a viable solution:

  • Your Home Sells First. The average home buyer spends 12 weeks searching for a home. It is not unlikely that the buyer’s own home will sell in this three-month stretch, leaving him or her temporarily without a place to live. When your home sells before you’re ready to move, self storage can provide the appropriate space to keep your furnishings and belongings until you acquire a new home.

  • Staging Your Home For Sale – When showing your home, it is important to stage each room in a manner that makes potential buyers picture themselves living there. Often times, excess furniture and clutter can make your home feel cramped, which can be discouraging to potential buyers.

By utilizing self storage as a temporary solution to reduce clutter and maximize space, your home can appear more spacious and welcoming to buyers. Sometimes, removing just a few large or clunky items can greatly improve your chances of selling faster.

  • Home Foreclosure – Foreclosure has become a common situation for many families in the current economy.Foreclosure forces many families to move suddenly, with all of their belongings in tow. When faced with this scenario, families have the option of temporarily storing their personal items in a budget-friendly self-storage unit until they are situated in a new residence.

Moving Forward

Selling a home or moving can pose a number of stresses on families. However, by having an organized plan in place, which includes self storage to manage belongings, the moving process can be smooth and efficient.